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Kellogg's Frosted Flakes® Photo-On-A-Box - 3001K
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes® Photo-On-A-Box - 3001K
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes® Photo-On-A-Box - 3001K
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes® Photo-On-A-Box - 3001K

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes® Photo-On-A-Box

Item #: 3001K
Price: $24.95

    A unique photo gift to display your photo on a box of Frosted Flakes®

    Picture yourself (or someone special) next to Tony the Tiger™ on a box of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes®

    • Photo Tips

      Photo Tips

      Use the guidelines below to make sure your photo turns out just the way you want it.

      • Your photos will be resized and print exactly as uploaded. No cropping will occur.
      • Please limit your image file size to 3MB.
      • Higher resolution files provide more detail and will show up more clearly.
      • Your photo must be in focus - no fuzzy faces!
      • Limit of three to four people in the photo. (Big group photos will be hard to see once they're scaled to fit on the box.)
      • For best results, use a photo that has even lighting across the face. Steer clear of shadows cast by hats, buildings, etc.
      • Photos with light colored background "pop" off the box the best.
    • Cereal box makes a GR-R-Reat™ personalized photo gift for anyone
    • Give a keepsake they'll cherish for years to come
    • Kellogg's Frosted Flakes® box measures 12” H x 7¾” W x 2¼” D, 17 oz. size
    • Cereal is not included
    • Box ships flat
    Please Upload Your Photo *
    Hurry! Only 0 on hand!

    For best quality, photos should be a MINIMUM width of 4 inches and a MINIMUM height of 8 inches. 300 dpi or higher.

    IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: This item ships separately from other items in the same order. It will take 3-6 days for your Photo-On-A-Box to be created. It will take an ADDITIONAL 3-7 business days in transit. PLEASE ALLOW A TOTAL OF 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS FOR YOUR ORDER TO ARRIVE. If you choose expedited shipping, you must still allow 3-6 days for your order to be customized. Therefore, expedited shipping orders will arrive at their destination in approximately 4-8 business days.

    Product Reviews
    How does it fit? How does it look? How many people are super-jealous of you right now? If you bought this item, tell us what you think right here.
    Overall Customer Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 11
    Parents Love It
    Kusel Dry Gulch, Texas
    I've ordered The Kellogg's Frosted Flakes box before, and had friends children put on them. The parents are Happy with it, the Kids are Happy with it, and I like the feeling I get from making people HAPPY!
    Frosted Flakes picture on the box
    Chris Rouland
    Overall, it is a cool idea. I wasn't very happy that 50% of picture was discarded when it made the final cut on the box only to match the color of blue in the background of the box. The picture was the 18th green at Pebble Beach. This was a pretty big portion to get cut out of the meaning of the picture. I would have preferred being able to see what the final product was after it edited down. To be honest, I probably would not have ordered it if I knew it would turn out like this.

    Note from KelloggStore.com: As part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we are reprinting this consumer's box at no charge.
    Awesome gift
    yella1005 Union City, NJ
    I bought this for my son being we try to do "different" types of gifts and this was it. I had purchased the pop tart one for my grandson and he loved it so I knew my son would love to have his face on frosted flakes. It's really an awesome and different gift. I highly recommend it.
    Box of Frosted Flakes
    JoAnn Pennsylvania
    My granddaughter is Miss Pennsylvania Princess she's 7 and I thought this was a great way to remember her special year of winning the title for NAM. I choose Frosted Flakes because of the color of her dress it was GREAT. The first thing she asked was if people were buying this! A special gift & remembrance .
    More than good, it's great!
    Leslie Lewis Arkansas
    My dad loves and breathes frosted flakes. Doesn't matter if it's right before dinner or at 2 in the morning. I've looked for a birthday present for him and this was just perfect! To be honest I thought they'd crop the photo on the box and make it look awkward since the price was so low. But my box looks amazing! It even came with it's own adhesive so I didn't have to tape or glue the box together. Great cropping out background, and put his picture on perfectly. Thanks again guys- Satisfied Customer (and dad)

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